Today were chatting about a few how-to’s to make your rooms more inviting in the workplace! We all know that the treatment room should be very inviting at a first glance or to anyone walking by! They should feel pulled to your room and want to walk in and chat! So here are our quick and easy tips on making it happen! 🙂




Walls should be either white with lots of pictures (to add some warmth) or painted earthy natural tones.


Your seating should have some sort of cushion and be very comfortable, (hint: add magazines around your seating, this will make clients feel very comfortable and it puts off the “stay awhile” vibe.)


Photo via Jessica Stevens


The lighting should be at a a light glow. Say “no” to florescent lighting, it makes people feel like they are in a doctors office. If possible, let in some natural light!


Adding candles, frames and/or flowers makes everything better and allows it to feel more like home!




In the comments below, tell us how you make your treatment room more inviting!!