Ethical standards in the nail salon seems to be a complicated topic for business professionals. Do I pay extra for better ventilation throughout the salon? Are my standards of cleanliness up to code and exceed the customers expectation? But you know that each of these things come at a price. So the ethical question comes in as to what you should do – spend the extra money for better care or save the money for personal reasons…




Our best advice is to take the high road and to put yourself in your clients chair – literally! Think about everything step by step and what you expect from your salon. Now think about what you do or are intending on doing at your personal salon… do they match?


Photo via Bollinger


Putting in the extra cost to create an amazing salon where your clients feel safe, secure and are don’t have to fear getting an infection, fungus or a respiratory illness is a Win! Because although you may be footing the bill upfront, it will more than likely come back to you. Satisfied customers will keep coming back because they trust you, (client commitment is key to your salon business) which leads to your business name spreading by word of mouth and recruiting referrals!


Ethics are a huge part of owning a business and if ever get stuck in an ethical situation – sit yourself down in your clients chair! 🙂 Let us know your ideas on bringing your salon to a better ethical standard!