After a busy work week, it’s okay to want to relax and wind down. Doing so actually helps you become more productive the next week because you have taken some time to relax, therefore you come back to work with a clear head. So we put together our top 5 ways to relax and escape after a long work week!


Step one: put the electronics down! Turn off your email and computer notifications and just be present with your family and friends. Have some good conversation and genuine laughs – it’s very refreshing!




Wine & dine with friends! Nothing is more relaxing than getting together with friends and enjoying a glass of deliciousness!


Take a bubble bath and add lavender oils or candle. The lavender adds an extra element of relaxation!




Watch your favorite holiday movie and relax on the couch! This is one of our favorite ways to relax during the busy holiday season (hint: add a cup of delicious chamomile tea to help warmly soothe you)


Read your favorite book before you drift off to dreamland 🙂




What is your favorite way to wind down after a busy week?