Travel Thursday: Best Places to Experience Halloween!

We love Halloween and the chance to travel! So this is the perfect time to tell you our top 6 places to visit during the Halloween season, as they will not disappoint. Check out any of these amazing locations, they really live up to the expectation of Halloween terror!
Salem, MA 
This place is known for the Salem Witch Trials and around holiday they really make the town spooky! Enjoy a candlelit outdoor walk on the Witch Trial Trail or the Bewitched After Dark walking tour led by a modern Salem witch or cruise downtown for many more events, costume balls and haunted houses!
Anoka, MN
This place is known as The Halloween Capital of the World since 1920! So travel here and enjoy the week-long festivities of contests, parades and spooky things and get to know why it’s called the Halloween Capital of the World!
San Diego, CA
The famous ghost, Kate Morgan, has been haunting the Hotel De Coronado since 1892. If your daring enough, check out room 3327, formerly 3312, and see if you could make it through the night with her daunting spirit.
Tombstone, AZ
Too much gun fighting in one town has led to the famous Boot Hill Cemetery, named after the men who died with their boots on. This violence has led to tons of terrifying ghosts that haunt this place, looking for revenge.
Orlando, FL
FLorida has a great Halloween Horror Night after hours at Universal Studios! The special effects makeup adn costumes really brings the horror of movie films to life! Where there’s ‘scare’ at every corner!
Photo via Orlandotastic
Long Beach, CA
The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor allows you to truly experience the terror of Halloween, with terrifying mazes and real monsters roaming around.
Prepare to be terrified and tell us where your favorite Halloween spot is!

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