The colder months bring such great memories, fashion, and a start to a new year, but there’s nothing like the harsh weather to really put your hair through some major changes. With this time of year being so busy, worrying about your hair is the last thing you have time for. This is where you’ll need a little bit of advice from your go-to beauty blog on how to care for your hair in the winter while still hustling your heart out! You deserve to look and feel your best babe, so keep reading to learn the top 5 winter hair care tips for 2018!


  1. Give your hair some major TLC at least 2 times a week. Whether a store bought conditioning cream or a DIY hair mask is your thing, set some time aside to give your locks a little extra attention in these winter months. After styling from the holiday event season and the lack in water consumption that happens to everyone in the winter, your hair is going to need it! There’s nothing like a little coconut avocado mask to restore your hair with nutrients and shine. If you’re looking for an intense repair product, we recommend using the Think Dirty app to find the best, most natural product to treat your gorgeous locks.


  1. Another thing that can really make an impact on your hair in the winter are those steamy hot showers we all tend to take! It’s hard to refrain from, especially after a chilly day, but try making most of your showers a little on the cooler side (think luke warm). Not only is it better for your skin, it’s also less damaging to your hair and scalp. Brushing your hair right after a shower can cause hair to snap and break. Treat yourself to a wide tooth comb and keep it in the shower. If you’re like me, you just need to detangle that hair when it’s wet so that it dries properly. Once you’ve rinsed the conditioner from your hair, use that wide tooth comb gently through your refreshed locks.


  1. You may have found that many people obsess over getting a “new look” once winter hits. Not only does this have to do with the New Year, it also has to do with the changes that happen with your overall complexion during the winter. Hair starts to seem flat and overworked, skin starts to get lighter and sensitive from the harsh cold change. Your body takes a little bit of a hit during the winter months so it’s normal to feel like you need a change! Investing in moisturizing products (for both hair and skin) should be your first move! Cleanse and moisturize like it’s your religion. Then, if you feel like you’re really needing a pop of change, consider a new cut or color that puts some life back into your look. When you speak with your hair stylist, use words like “dimension” and “brighten” when it comes to upgrading your overall look!


  1. With all of the product availability now a days, there are so many alternatives when it comes to styling! If you like texture, look to a non-heat method for attaining waves or curls. A little bit of sea salt spray (store bought or DIY) can go a long way and can give you such a great, natural look! Spray on the bigger sections toward the back of your head and in the smaller sections toward the front. Finish with a little bit of refining hair serum! Feeling the straight hair look this winter season? There’s a heat-less answer for that too! One of the major trends in 2017 was “smooth” hair. Whether you have natural curls or naturally straight hair, a nice and smooth hair do is always pleasing and makes you feel pretty dang fresh! Keep your eye out for smoothing serum the next time you hit the Think Dirty app to see the best stuff out there!


5.There’s something that many women start wanting in the colder months which is longer hair and/or bangs! These two trends create a “warm” feeling and just work with all of the basic winter fashion trends we all know and love. But if we’re putting our hair through an awful lot of damage, how could we possibly get it to grow? Following the simple, previously mentioned care tips is the best way to get started. The best way to get your hair growing at a faster rate? Really invest your heart into the process. You’ll have to commit to using little to no heat, trimming those dead ends, avoiding tight hair ties/buns, and treating it at least 2-3 times a week with some TLC products (hair masks, scalp treatments, etc). Another thing we didn’t mention that is a MUST – water, water, and more water. Hydrate like you’ve never hydrated before!


Taking care of your hair in the winter is something that takes a little more time and effort than doing so in the Spring or Fall months. With these simple hair care tips and recommendations, we promise that it’s not as tedious as it seems. The tips are meant to adhere to your already-busy boss babe lifestyle, because we get that you still want to look & feel your best while focusing on your #hustle! What winter hair care tips do you swear by every year? Share below and stay warm out there!