Sugaring vs. Waxing

With all of the hair-removal options, it can be tricky to choose the right one for you and most importantly, your skin. Is it more important to exfoliate in the process or have the hair gone in one go? What is the least painful? Is there really even a significant difference between sugaring and waxing? Let’s dig a little deeper to find the answers to those questions and see whether you should go #teamsugaring or #teamwaxing.

Sugar Waxing

Also known as “Persian Waxing” sugaring is a hair removal treatment that consists of a sugar, lemon + hot water mixture that removes hair in an exfoliant manner. It’s become all the rage lately due to the fact that it attaches only to the hair and not to the skin like regular waxing does. This means less pull on your skin, ultimately meaning less pain! Pretty cool right? We have to admit, it’s nice to think that your skin can get some natural exfoliation while doing something that hasn’t always been “good” for the skin in general. It’s been said that it is great for those with sensitive skin but isn’t so great for those with coarse hair. It can also take quite a few sessions for your hair to be fully removed. Have you tried waxing? Let us know your thoughts and if you prefer it over waxing!

Hot Waxing

While it doesn’t always have to be “hot”, this classic form of hair removal also has its ups and downs. While it has been proven to not be great for sensitive skin, this is the number one way to help get rid of coarse skin if you aren’t able to go the laser route. One of the other great things? You don’t have to return to the salon so many times as it is supposed to leave longer-lasting results. If you think your skin is strong enough to handle the waxing option, we say go for it! There is something so nice about the convenience it can bring to your life. Just know that unlike sugaring, waxing holds on to both the hair follicles and live skin cells, making it a bit more painful.

Prefer a good old-fashion waxing? Comment your thoughts below!

If you have decided which team you belong on, just know that it’s important to base your decision off of comfort, convenience, budget + health. By health, we mean your skin. If you’re eager to try both, just let your skin do the decision making. We promise, it knows what it needs when it comes to hair removal and what it just can or cannot handle.

Thanks for reading a long and also feel free to drop the name of your favorite waxer / sugaring specialist and whether you are #teamsugaring or #teamwaxing!

Tell us, spa pros: Which do you recommend to your clients more often? And don’t forget to put your info in the comments! Xo