Scheduling is a huge part of the business – and an important one at that! So we wanted to talk about ways to manage your appointment scheduling, what to do when your staff is running behind and how this affects the client experience.


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Managing your appointment book can be tricky. You want it to be full but not so much that you can easily fall behind. So maximize your time and commit to being in the office the full day. When scheduling a client it is important to ask questions, this will allow you to properly assess how much time is needed for that specific appointment, which in return will help you with  managing your next scheduling. When you allot the proper time to each client, you are less likely to fall behind.


It is inevitable – there will be times when you or your staff will fall behind schedule. This is okay, repeat, okay! Whether it is from a mistake, someone running late or spending a little extra time with a client, it happens and it is understandable. You just need to communicate that to the next client and be sure to apologize for the inconvenience. Always take responsibly for falling behind and be proactive about getting things back on track!


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Falling behind on appointments can and probably will affect each client. Even though you are on a time crunch, so are they. They expect to be in and out by a specified time and when that time is pushed back they can get upset. This will leave a bitter taste in the clients mouth and can negatively affect your business. So be sure to handle to situation the correct way – communicate and apologize. (hint: think about a time when you had to wait forever at an appointment and how irritating it was, this will help you empathize with your client) After that it is up to you to make the client still feel important and get the positive vibe back in your workplace!


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Scheduling is important and now that you know a few tips and have thought about your client’s side too, I know that you are all set to be a “savy scheduler” in your work place! 🙂 Tell us your favorite scheduling tip in the comments below!