Oh hey diva! While living life as a hard working entrepreneur is both fun and rewarding, it can be hard to focus on the little things that showcase who you really are. One of those things being your stylish wardrobe and maintaining it on a budget! Well divas, this is a topic we could talk about for days on end and we’re here to show you how to remain your stylish entrepreneur self on a budget. Keep reading, beauties!


Shop Constantly, Even if You Don’t Buy Anything

As an entrepreneur, it’s time to take pride in your relentless will power. You know how to save and keep from spending too much on things like clothing, so you more than deserve to window shop every now and then. Doing so is actually a great way to realize what styles, pieces, and accessories you love most and the places that sell them at the best price. Even if you don’t purchase anything, you’ve at least taken the first step to see what may or may not be worth your money. Online window shopping is a great way to stay on budget!


Keep the Inspiration Strong

Never apologize for going down the Pinterest rabbithole! Be sure to use it as a tool of inspiration for outfits, shopping on a budget, and ways to make low budget clothing look absolutely amazing in your everyday look. Create boards that are strictly for you and looks you absolutely love. Keep an eye out for outfits that have pieces you already own or even search for outfits based on pieces you already own. You know the white tee in your closet that fits you so perfectly? Base your search off of like-pieces. You’d be surprised at how many amazing outfits pop up when you search something as simple as “white tee outfits”. Indulge, have fun, and never stop inspiring yourself!


Utilize Style Centered Apps

If you’ve never tried apps like Stitchfix or Stylebook, they might be the perfect place to start forming a cost effective wardrobe. While it takes a little bit of investment, it’s a great way to save money in the long run whilst creating a quality wardrobe with some really great pieces! If you love a good capsule wardrobe, putting your personal style in the hands of a Stitch Fix stylist can at least teach you how to shop based on style but most importantly, budget!


Thrift Shop with a Purpose

While some of us love the hunt, not all of us stylish shoppers are game for hunting and digging to find the right pieces. Since thrift shopping can do a lot for your wallet, it’s important to consider it as one of the main ways you shop and upgrade your closet on a budget. To avoid rooting through every single rack, be sure to have a purpose and some goals before you show up. Looking for pants only? Make it a point to think about the types of pants that fit you best, the colors you like most, and of course, a budget. It’s also okay to have one of the associates help you find the best stuff they have in store. By going prepared into such an overwhelming place, you are sure to knock out some steps before you even get there!

Now that you know some of the best ways to remain a stylish entrepreneur on a budget, it’s time to go out and shop! As long as you have your will power, budget plan, and inspiration in check, you’re sure to succeed past your expectations when it comes to shopping to for your stylish entrepreneur self. How do you stay on a style budget as an entrepreneur? Share your helpful tips below! And follow us on Pinterest where we’re always showcasing our favorite looks!