Monday Motivation: Staying positive – How to take a negative review to positive!

Reacting Positively To A Negative Comment Or Review


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First, a couple tips:
Respect Everyones Opinion
Learn to take criticism constructively
React positively

First and foremost: Reach out to that person who wrote the negative review and try to make it right –and by reach out we mean give the reviewer your managers/CEO’s phone number as well as a sincere apology, this way the situation can be handled directly and allows the reviewer to know that all reviews are being taken seriously. Try to understand the opposing point of view and ask if there is anything you can do to help better their experience or improve it for future customers’.
If that still doesn’t work, that’s okay, you are not a failure, take note of the criticism and use it to improve your business!

Note: Even bad reviews can be good, they bring a sort of “human” aspect to your brand because you surely can’t please everyone, therefore, the way you handle your bad review is crucial to business. So react positively!


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How To Capitalize On Good Comments Or Reviews!

Try your best to interact and respond to anyone who leaves a review about your business, this will show them that you take the time to read through each review written.

[Have your team set a number]and once you hit that number of great reviews, throw a fun bash to celebrate and invite all, it’s likely you’ll get even more great reviews from hosting your event!

Giving customers incentives or prizes for leaving a review is always a great way to get feedback!

Last but not least, always show customer appreciation, this will persuade others to leave great reviews!


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Do you have any helpful tips to responding to negative reviews?


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