After originally developing in Italy, microdermabrasion has made its place on the salon scene, and with some pleasing results, we believe it’s here to stay! Since it can be a bit painful and not necessary for all skin types, it’s important to know if you should recommend it to certain clients. Taking the following into consideration before recommending it should guarantee them + yourself a pleasant experience, whether the answer is microderm, or microno!

Skin Condition

Microdermabrasion is mainly known to reduce fine lines + wrinkles, evening out skin tone + pigmentation and healing things like acne scars, clogged pores or sun damage. If your client faces any of these issues, microdermabrasion might be a really nourishing, healthy thing for them to do on a bi-weekly basis. Consistent treatment for those with a rough skin condition is best, as it ensures a full re-healing cycle for their skin.


Just as microderm is good for those with rough skin conditions, it’s great for those who are just beginning to show signs of aging. Scheduling these clients for bi-weekly treatments gives their skin the hydration and nourishment that it can’t give itself any longer. It also helps to even out skin pigmentations, such as age spots, + reduce wrinkles. The best results are actual seen with those who are in the early stages of aging (35-50), as their skin is in the stage of receptiveness.


Ultimately, it’s important to ask yourself these questions: Can they continue monthly treatments? Is it within’ their budget? Since it is recommended for those in the early stages of aging, it might not be all that necessary for younger people. It is a more cost-effective treatment as compared to chemical peels, but definitely isn’t in the typical budget range of a teen or early 20-something.

Most clients will benefit from treatments like microdermabrasion, but it’s important to consider these factors before recommending it to each and every client that walks through your door. You want to make sure they have a genuine, authentic experience and letting them know the truth about microdermabrasion or other great treatments they could benefit from is important!

Any clients you’ve had that are perfect candidates for microdermabrasion? How did you decide that it would be the right treatment for them?