Your appearance is important because it is the first impression you leave for a new client before you charm them with chit-chat! A good rule of thumb in this business is to always look professional, you never know where you might meet a potential or regular client.


Photo via Express


You should look clean, fresh and put together each day. When you dress business casual it tells your clients that you think things through, take care of yourself, care about appearance and cleanliness and put forth an effort in the workplace. Most of the time when people have a positive experience with your first impression ( your appearance) they are more likely to approach you and trust you with their business.




If you really think about it, when you look like a mess at work that is telling people that you are unprepared, not good with time-management since you could bother to get ready and don’t really care about your job. This is just what some people might think, though it may not be true. So to avoid that thought from clients altogether it is best to show up to your amazing job excited and dressed to kill!




There’s just something about looking put together that has a positive effect on clients! So take the time to get ready in the mornings, it will pay off! 🙂


What’s your favorite outfit to wear to work? Leave a comment below!