This is such a great topic to start off the busy week! Promoting self-worth in the workplace is so important because it sets the tone of the whole space. When your staff and clients are excited and have a great self image, it allows everyone to reach their full potential!




Be positive and encouraging! Build up your team when they have done a great job! Same goes for clients, if they seem timid or nervous about things, build them up. Everyone likes to be complimented and doing-so creates a positive self-worth in the workplace!


Promote a limitless life: Let your staff and clients know that the possibilities are endless if they just put in the time, energy and determination. Encourage your staff to expand and grow their life goals!




Don’t micromanage your staff: This will allow them to learn things on their own and build trust between each other, as well as giving them the courage to complete given tasks. 


Recognize the success of others: Give notice to those who deserve the credit and praise for a job well done! Reinforcing this will show the team that you appreciate their hard work.


Photo via Lucia and Mapp


What is your favorite way to promote self-worth?