Engaging with your community is the best way to gain new clientele (and friends)! Connecting with your peers and coworkers makes for a great work environment. Plus, we all know the not-so-secret rule – “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”) Though that may be a hard pill to swallow, it is pretty true. Don’t get us wrong you do need to know a lot about your career field, but the people you know in it can make life a whole lot easier, plus it’s a blast getting to know others! 🙂 So chat with everyone you come in contact with, put in a little effort and make those lasting connections wherever you may be!




Attending work-related events is a great way to meet people interested or already working in your career field! Meeting someone at a place like this is an easy way to strike up a career-driven conversation or get to know your neighbor!


Go grab a coffee or a quick bite to eat with a new friend on your break! This allows you to take a break from the hard work and get to know someone new all at the same time!




Social media is a huge part of todays communication so it is important to take part in that as well! Use social media to your advantage!


What is your favorite way to make connection?




Now get out there and make those connections! 🙂