It’s a fact, the holidays bring a lot of chaos into our professional lives, but this time now more than ever, you can’t allow your business to suffer! On the contrary, during the holidays, you should be looking for new and efficient ways to boost your business, build clientele, and increase profits. The fact of the matter? People are spending and they should be spending on you!

Staying Organized

This is always easier said than done. Take some time to tighten up your bookkeeping, organize your work space, de-clutter, and get all your holiday red tape tied in a nice neat bow! This may seem daunting, especially if you’ve gotten used to a level of general chaos, but staying on top of the tedious aspects of your business will open doors for you this holiday season. Responding to email, balancing your finances, and maintaining a clean work space will allow you to focus on growth in other areas!


Attending/Hosting Events

Numbers are great, but behind any set of numbers are people. The holiday season is a time for you to focus on the really important things, like quality time with your loved ones. As far as your business is concerned, it’s a great time to connect with new partners, clients, customers, you name it! Go to as many parties, events, and social situations as possible. Have some business cards ordered now so that you can give new people some good old fashioned face to face contact! In a world full of numbers and online correspondence, a real human connection might be just what you want to put on your wish list.

Managing Time

This is the toughest aspect yet: keeping your head above water. You need to buy presents, cook, clean, decorate, and you need to continue to make money with a tighter schedule. Remember that the holidays are not forever, and that something has got to give if you want to meet your goals! Prioritize only what is most important… But how do we know what that is? Put your loved ones first and your financially beneficial relationships at a close second. Be sure that you’re not spending precious time on people or projects that aren’t going to pay off soon. The new year will bring many opportunities for new projects. Right now, focus on what you have and what you can tangibly get!

The goal this holiday season shouldn’t just be to keep up or catch up, it should be to move up. Whether you’re going back to the basics, focusing on the foundation of your business, or reluctantly refusing new projects, think about what will make you successful this winter and hit it at full steam. Once the craziness of the holidays has subsided, start to look to your future on a more broad scale. While you’ll want to go at it full force and stay organized, don’t forget to kiss under the mistletoe and celebrate the season as well as the amazing accomplishments you’ve already made!