If I’ve learned anything in my days as a fashion connoisseur (what I’d do for a fun, well-fitted dress with a pair of my Louboutins *sigh*) it’s that you should always dress for how you want to feel rather than your age.


And why?


As cliche as it is, age is just a number.


Whether you’re 23, 45 or 62, all it takes to be fashionable is a few key items and trust me, I think you have them…


Let’s take a peek at my key takeaways, shall we?

How to Look Fashionable at Any Age

  1. Rock Your Frock

Yep, rock it in every sense of the word — AKA have mad confidence while strutting down the street in that leopard print skirt and bright red skyhigh heels, girlfriend! Over the years it’s gotten clearer + clearer that the more confidence a woman has, the better the outfit will look on her. Not feeling so self-assured these days? Stand in a power stance for a few minutes before leaving the house, it’s scientifically proven to make you feel more in-charge! Hands on your hips and chest out. You got this.


  1. Fit It or Quit It

A well-fitted outfit can make a total difference and should be considered a style must no matter what stage of life you’re in. Sure, you may opt for a billowy dress one day or an oversized bomber jacket the next, but it’s all in the fit. Does it hit your abdomen in just the right place? Does it stay up on your shoulder properly? Or are you constantly fidgeting attempting to get it to look the way you’re attending? I love getting my clothes fit by a tailor I trust for staple pieces, and try not to buy a piece I know I’ll be on a never ending quest to “fix.”


  1. Know Your Ass…ets

I loathe the fashion magazines and blogs that amble on + on about dressing “age appropriately” — we’re in 2018 and I’ll dress in a band tee and Converse if I damn well feel like it, you know? What I will say, is that it pays off early to know your assets. You know, the parts of your body you love and want to accentuate, and then buy pieces that flaunt what your mama gave you, gorgeous. Is it your curves? Your petite waistline? Your almond eyes that absolutely pop with those wide rimmed glasses? Show yourself off, babe. You were born to shine!

best fashion at any ageStephanie Yeboah slaying in her 20’s. best fashion at any ageChiara Ferragni killing it in her 30’s. best fashion at any age
Petite Style Studio looking gorge in her 40’s.

Tell me: What’s your key to looking stylish — no matter what age you’re at?

Photo: Erika Delgado Photography