Holiday Health: Tips on staying in shape for the holiday season

The holiday season is already upon us and so are all of those tempting treats! We understand your pain in wanting to indulge in cakes, candies and pies but also stay in shape to wear that stunning little black dress to the Christmas party next month! So we put together our top 3 tips to easily help you stay the path this season!



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Stay Active
Make it a goal to do something active each day, whether it be going outside to throw the football around with your cousins after dinner or going for a night walk with your gal pals. Just get out and do something active with those you love! (It will make staying active less of a chore if you are also enjoying time with your family and friends!)
Get Ahead Of The Game
Come to gatherings prepared! If you are having a family get together and know you have had your limit on calories, carbs and sweets, bring a delicious but healthy dish to enjoy without the guilt later!
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Everything Is Good In Moderation
Yes, there will be tons of Thanksgiving leftovers, pumpkin pie and many other sweet treats and it is perfectly okay to have them…in moderation! Don’t stuff the whole pie down in one sitting, take a small piece to enjoy slowly and then call it a night for your sweet tooth! The best way to stay balanced is limit yourself to one sweet treat each day, but choose wisely what and when you will have it!
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What is your favorite tip to stay in shape this holiday season?


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