Haute Biz Spotlight: Beauty Entourage

Today we are so excited to share all the latest from Beauty Entourage – so we interviewed one of our favorite beauty babes, Ashley Stone! She is giving us the scoop on all things beauty, business and beyond, so I know you all will enjoy! 🙂


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Tell us a little about Beauty Entourage and how you got to where you are today.

Beauty Entourage mobilizes beauty professionals for our clients special events and memorable moments. What bigger event in a woman’s life than her wedding day?  To date we have done over 2200 weddings! We also do hair and make up for photo shoots that document various milestones in a woman’s life. Senior photos, engagement pictures, Maternity, etc.

I started the company wanting to fill a need for women in a multitude of ways. 1. For my clients: Provide a stress free experience that gives them confidence instead of worry.  2. For artists: Provide an additional source of income with a flexible schedule and education to continue their growth and confidence as well.   At the time I started the company in 2006, I was 21 years old, a starving artist myself and a mom.  A client of mine asked me to travel to her home to get her ready for her wedding day because she was so stressed out to coordinate everyone going into the salon. After beautifying her and her bridesmaids at her home, a light bulb went off.  I haven’t stopped booking events and growing my team since.


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What is your favorite thing about your job?


I really can’t choose one specific thing. Top of mind, I can name my top 5:  1. I love the reaction of someone that just got their hair and make up done. When they light up and smile. 2. I love to see our artists grow in skill level. To watch them frustrated in a class with a particular style and then master it by the end of a wedding season.  3. I still get excited every time I know a new event booked.  4. I love learning. As my business grows, there is no lack of new things to be learned. My job is exciting and always changing.   5. Giving back. My team and I use our artistry to give back in a multitude of ways. We plan them out every year. It is the most gratifying experience that brings everything all together in one moment.


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Do you have any tips for success?


Don’t give up when it gets difficult. Those moments are often our greatest lessons. Never let anyone else define you. Stay humble. Put in the work and never stop learning.


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Where do your find beauty inspiration? 


Everywhere.My brain never stops.  Mostly though, through art. I love abstract art. I also pull a lot of inspiration from fashion. Clothes easily determine the hair and the make up. The details always matter.


What is a beauty/fashion item you can’t live without?


My hot tools curling iron. Anything is possible with that curling iron!


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Where do you see your business in 5 years?


I began making 5 year plans when I was 12. I always have a 5 year plan.  I highly recommend it. The path in that time may vary but the goals shouldn’t. In 5 years I see my company in multiple states across the country. My goal is to have 300 artists and 8 territories.  I also plan to get more into the education side. There is opportunity to create jobs for women that have a love for the beauty industry but, not the means or desire to complete a full licensing course. Many of which have no desire to work in a salon setting. Beauty Entourage is a perfect alternative. In time I would love to offer a certification program that gives that opportunity and support.


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