Growing your business might seem like the most expensive part of being successful, but we’re here to break it down on how to have a biz that brings in bank on a budget. The secret? It has a lot to do with investing your time versus tons of cash. It’s a lot of work, but so manageable + pretty rewarding!

Keep reading if you’re ready to learn how to grow through research + connecting with others. AKA the fun way!

Follow the Best

Growing your business on a budget includes a lot of research. While this may seem tedious and useless for your precious time, we want you to drill it in your brain. Finding and learning from the absolute best is crucial and all about the long term. A lot of the growth is a numbers game, so most of what you’ll have to do is going to require endless work + most of all, patience!

The best part about this, is that with direct implementation of tried + true practices from the best in the game, it will ensure a big reward in the end! Find a few of your favorite beauty business muses, learn how they go about growing their business + see if those same practices might work for you.

Be careful with this, as your business is unique + there will have to be some trial and error along the way. It’s nice to admire someone, just make sure your ideas are just as unique as you are!


With growing your business comes needing to establishing connections! Networking is a huge part of a business’s success at any stage, but it is crucial in the beginning growth stages. This might sound like the scariest part, but it could possibly be one of the easiest / funnest. A lost of people that participate in networking meetings and events are in the same spot as you. They are either new just like you or in need of loyal clients or strong connections to keep their business going. You are just as needed by them and just as useful. Not only is networking a huge part of finding clients and informing the community about what you do but it can also act as a support system, which is so necessary for your business and you.

Trade & Collabs

While doing things for free isn’t the ideal way to grow your business, it’s actually an integral part of it. But don’t worry, it’s not like you’ll be the only one who constantly gives. Now-a-days, a huge part of business is working with others in your field on a collaborative basis. If you’re in need of a stylist, you might work together on putting together a photoshoot to promote both of your services. Collaborating is a lot of work but should be equally worth it for both parties. If you find yourself doing more work on collaborations, it’s more than okay to draw up contracts so that each party holds up their end of the deal. This is also a great way to develop meaningful relationships with those in your career field and again, leading to a strong support system.

Growing your business without spending a ton of money can be challenging but maybe even a little more worth it in the end. By relying on some help from others, you have the opportunity to create relationships and gain loyal clients.

How have you grown your business on a budget? We’d love to hear your tips and what has worked for you!