A change of pace is always nice, especially when it means moving into amazing weather and exciting new beauty trends! With the craze of New York fashion week and groundbreaking makeup trends on the runway, we are so excited to have some girl chat about the up and coming Spring beauty trends. So pour yourself a glass, kick your freshly painted toes up, and read on babes!


Evergreen & Polished

Image via Aillea

While getting dolled up is fun, doing it all the time is just unrealistic, especially if you’re spending each day trying to conquer those #goals! Enter, the new polished and simple beauty look that’s been a favorite on the runways and blogs this month. It’s shown such flexibility with personal styles in both beauty and fashion. Taking care of your skin is now an official beauty practice and a crucial part of a makeup routine. You can have the most expensive makeup products in your drawer, but the skin should always be treated as number one! It makes for a beautiful look no matter how much makeup you end up putting on your beautiful face.  

Glitz & Gloss

Image via Style Bubble

Achieving a balanced look requires patience, practice, and fun! With the recent trend of having a simple, polished look, it may seem like the opportunities are limited but we think it means the exact opposite. Going minimal on the eye makeup? Throw on a soft red lipstick and cover it with a dewy gloss. This really helps create a bold but subtle look. Another trend coming to the surface is adding a little bit of glitz to your makeup or hair look. Have no shame in dusting a little bit of white glitter to your hairline when going with a sleek, pulled back look. Instead of highlighter, add a little of that shine to your cheekbones. This takes practice and confidence, but always opt for perfecting the fun of a trend like this!

Eyelining Art

Image via Manrepeller

Watch out for this one, beauties! It’s about to blow your mind. The classic cat eye has and always will be a staple look in the beauty world. But what if we told you it was about to get a beautifully twisted upgrade? We are pleased to welcome the recently seen eyeliner art that we believe anyone can rock. It does take practice, as liquid eyeliner always does, but we know that with a little channeling of both Amy Whinehouse and Lauren Conrad, you can totally master it!

Subtle Hair Decor

Image via SheIn

If there’s one trend we predict for the whole year of 2018, it’s simplicity and subtle gestures. The perfect way to implement that going into Spring – subtle hair accessories! Spring is perfect for light curls and simple updos. What better way to dress that up with simple hair accessories like jewels or stylish clips? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to some hair additions this Spring. Get creative and practice with all different types of accessories!

New York fashion week, we love you! You’re sending us beauty lovers some amazing inspiration and we can’t wait to implement it into our daily styles. That’s a wrap on the up and coming Spring beauty trends for 2018! What do you wish to see more of in Spring? Share below!