Business: Setting clear social media guidelines for your staff

So today we wanted to share with you a few of our best tips for your staff! You want to set clear guidelines for everyone on your team so they have a sense of what you expect on social media and so everyone is in unison with one another on this topic. So in light of that, we put together our top 13 social media guidelines that you can easily share with your staff! ūüôā


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The Name Game
Try to have your username include your company name in it so it is easier for people to search and find you. It is best if your username is the same across all social media platforms and your profile picture is as well.


Follow Along
Follow relevant people, businesses or influencers that will be interested in your service or products.


Be Transparent 
This means allowing your followers to see who you really are. If there’s an issue, you address it appropriately rather than hiding it, this will let everyone know that you are open and honest and sheds a positive light on your business.


Be You!
Post relevant, creative [and true] material, knowing that you are responsible for what you write and post. Speak in first person and add your personality to give it a more human aspect rather than just a boring computer!


Respect copyrights
This is pretty straightforward – know and respect others’ copyrights. Don’t post anything without permission or crediting the original source.


Consider your audience
Always consider your audience before posting to social media, knowing this will help you get more like, retweets, follows, etc. Helpful hint – mention relevant people in your posts!


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Think Before Posting
Use common sense when posting. Once it’s up on social media it can never completely be removed!


Interact and engage with followers as it may lead to more followers. Don’t just broadcast things over social media – participate!


The Right Response 
Respond appropriately to negative comments! Always react positively, apologize and try to correct the complaint. This is a very important guideline to remember.


Fact or Fiction
Know the difference between your opinion and a fact, and allow your audience to know the difference too!


Keep It To Yourself 
Never give out personal information or post personal things on your company’s social media platforms, but remember that your personal accounts ARE a reflection of your company/business.


Be Business Savy
Create a social media schedule or post frequently. This allows followers to have updated content and assures them you are keeping connected with your social media platforms.


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Have fun with your social media accounts! They are there for you to have a creative outlet and to help you discover and connect with those surrounding you.


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