Better Your Business: Conquering Facebook Business Pages, Ads & Contests

BUSINESS PAGE: Creating a business page leads to increased exposure! This happens by people liking your page, viewers interacting with your posts/original content and by showing your brand off to the social media world! Plus, the business page allows you to track how many people your posts reach daily and boost posts to target audiences. There are billions of active accounts on Facebook and the more exposure you can have the better! These are all the reasons we are launching our business page and we would love for you to follow along and experience the social media network alongside us! We love your support! 🙂




So this brings us to Facebook ads! With Fb adds you choose the audience you want to send it to = target audience.


Fb ads are places in the main stream of the viewers content, so they won’t miss it!


In the ad you can give directions to your business, introduce a new product or service update, dd links, videos, apps… the possibilities are endless!
Plus, running an ad on Facebook can start out as low as $5! (Which is a thrifty way to solicit your brand)


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The best way is to create an app! This app will link directly to your facebook page with all the details, rules and entry info.


The next step is to promote the contest! Use all of your social media platforms, create a hashtag and try to get famous names/brands involved! This is to entice your followers to want to enter!


Our best advice for creating a contest is to think like your customers/clients. Want would they want? Which is why content is always a great contest! Everyone wants their content, beauty tip or recipe featured online, so many will enter! Or maybe the contest could be voting for the next holiday fashion find. This allows your following to feel a part of your team/brand as though they have contributed!


The last thing is to set a date! You must enter by ___! This creates a sense of urgency! And of course gives you a specific day to announce the winner!!!




Check our Facebook business page out! We would love to hear from you!

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