It’s the beginning of the holiday season and we are officially excited about all of the cheer, gifts, and holiday events on our calendar! One major thing we’re already thinking about – how to be on top of our holiday beauty game this year. While we love to put on a full face and play dress up for those holiday parties, we simply don’t have the time as boss babes. So pour yourself some hot cocoa, cuddle under your favorite blanket, and learn about the 4 best beauty looks to rock at your holiday events this year!

Clean Yet Bold

Photo via Vogue

This one takes the cake for efficiency! It’s a great look for the holidays, but honestly what time of the year would this look not impress? As you could wear it to your office white elephant, you could also wear this tactically engaging look to intimate family gatherings. This simple look allows you to wear a multitude of lip shades and outfit ensembles.

Cobalt Holiday Blues

Photo via Pampadour

We are all about the blue this year. Whether it’s in our wardrobe or our eye shadows, we’ll take it all! This color, resembling our ideal winter wonderland, is perfect for those of us who desire to make a bold statement while complementing our natural facial features. It keeps things fun, simple, and makes your features pop! For inspiration, we are loving the latest blue trends from people like Lustre Lux and Demi Lovato! By adding a bit of cobalt blue to your eyeliner, bottom eye shadow, or even the tips of your hair, you are sure to keep people on their toes and have an electric holiday season!

Sleek & Smooth

Photo via Fashion Grabbers

This one is for the lazy gals. The runway endorsed some beautiful looks this this year and one of those was an efficient, smooth look. Don’t have a lot of time to start a whole new look for the event? This will be your go-to look for the 2017 holiday season. You know when you do a quick curl or blow dry and you have a million little fly-aways? Take that look from fried to fly with a water-gel mixture. Rub it on your palms and run it evenly through those gorgeous locks! Another thing to try when you don’t feel like putting on a ton of foundation (or you’re about to run out) is to drop a little water on your beauty blender. This gives you a fresh, dewy look and feels so good whilst applying it! Apply mascara on your top lashes, a light nude lipstick, and some highlighter on those cheeks and you are ready for the party in 10 minutes tops!


Photo via Into the Gloss

Move over biker babes! There’s a new trend in town and it’s not your average black eyeshadow and dark lipstick. When we say metal-head, we really mean metallic-head for this holiday season. The best part – metallics come in all hues and can be worn on your eyes, cheeks, or lips! This is the perfect look for this year’s holiday season, as it allows you to put the messy, old-fashioned glitter palettes away and try something easy & new. Metallics are forgiving when it comes to deciding other makeup colors, hairstyles, and outfits. Pair a dusted pink metallic shadow with a bold maroon or light fuchsia lip. Throw on that denim jacket over a hot jumpsuit or just a simple LBD. The opportunities are endless with this beauty look and get ready for some compliments!

It’s going to be another crazy holiday season and you don’t want the small stuff getting in the way. While we wish we could focus on the beauty aspect of life, being a hustling boss babe can really get in the way of that. Since looking drab instead of fab isn’t your thing either, just know there are so many ways to make incredible holiday looks work for you. Just stay inspired and seek looks that promote efficiency! Overall, keep things simple while still having some fun and it’ll be your most enjoyable holiday season yet!