This is going to be the year of epic beauty trends and we are so excited to see all of the creativity and boldness brought to the beauty scene! From electric tones to retro styling, we feel like this is also the year for everyone to find their true beauty identity and rock it like they’ve never rocked a beauty look before. Keep scrolling to share our excitement for our 2018 beauty trend predictions!


Ultra Violet

With Ultra Violet named as the Pantone color of the year (yasss!), that means so much fun and so many new beauty opportunities! From eye shadow to hair color, this tone is making itself comfortable in all areas of beauty and we are rolling out the welcome mat. We can’t wait to see all the unique looks this trend brings to the beauty world.

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Curls Curls Curls

Whether you have naturally curly or straight hair, curly curls are making their way to the beauty scene! Subtle waves rocked the past few years, and we will never let them go, but things are starting to get a little bouncier! Defining bold curls has been a recent trend we’ve seen on bloggers and celebrities and we can’t get enough. It adds such dimension to the face and an overall look. Talk about hair that speaks volumes!

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Retro Styling

The 70s have been rocking their way into 2018 and they’re welcoming a whole bunch of other generational beauty trends too! From the 70s to the 60s, we’re starting to see a rise in retro looks in such creative ways. Bridget Bardot, we thank you for the shag bang style! Audrey Hepburn, we will forever love you for the smoothed out bouffant up do! Channel your inner old soul and start sporting your favorite era of beauty.

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Short & Chopped

We will forever love the lob of 2017, but it’s time for something a little edgier in 2018. Enter the short and chopped bob! There’s nothing like a sassy hair look to do the talking for you when it comes to both a fun and professional setting. While we know you would rock this look, it may seem like a an extreme hair move. Consult with your hair stylist first and ask them if they think it’s the right choice for you, how you’ll have to style it, and if it will be a good fit for your lifestyle!

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It doesn’t get more exciting than that, babes! To live in a world where purple hair rules and rockin’ bangs are back is truly a gift and we can’t wait for everyone else to hop on board. What hair trends do you think will rule the beauty world this year? Share below and share what look you plan to rock!