Beauty Business: Must have productivity tools for running a successful esthetician business

We know that being an esthetician is a relationship based profession, therefore clientele is super important as it is the basis of your business. But we also know the struggle of being a service provider as well as running a business, so we wanted to give you a couple of ideas on how to enjoy your business and be super successful – because lets be honest – beauty is the best category of business to be in! So here are our top 5 tips on running a successful one!




Be A Chameleon
Someone had shared this advice to us a while back and it seemed to stick because it applies to so many different things: Be a chameleon! This means to mimic their behavior, so if one client is super chatty, as lots of questions so they can chitchat, if one client is super quiet, try not to talk their ear off! Changing to your clients behavior will put them at ease and allow them to feel comfortable with you.
Get Your Head In The Game
Be business minded as well! Not only are you an esthetician and service provider but you are also running a business, so take control. Know how to take inventory and do the bookkeeping, as well as payroll if you hire a team. Remember you are an entrepreneur!
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Stick It Out
Sometimes there will be those hours that are just empty – where you’ve cleaned everything possible, folded every towel and swept the floor a million times, but ride out the empty hours with a positive attitude! Don’t leave the salon for an extended amount of time, hang in there and get caught up on the business side of your work or maybe a client will be a walk-in and that will be your chance to make them a continual client! You never know so always remember to stick it out!
Market Yourself – (don’t leave that up to others)
This is very important – marketing. Spread the word, get your business name out there! PR is key! So get your name in local newspapers and magazines, hold community events, get your happy customers to Yelp about you. There are so many ways to get your name out there, so find and use them!


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Network, Network & More Network
Social media is such a great way to network! Twitter is great for sharing news, Instagram is perfect for sharing the most amazing photo you have, Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to connect with key influencers and customers. Post on all your social media platforms daily and engage with your feed and comments! You can hold free giveaways and “enter to win” posts that get the buzz going about your business! Networking is so critical in this day and age so get connected and use it to your advantage!

What are your favorite tools for running a successful beauty business?

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