Tell us how you got your start in the beauty biz! It feels like many beauty professionals have such a personal story.

I struggled with oily skin + severe cystic acne problems as a teen and suffered through years of torment and ridicule that took a toll on my self confidence. After I got my skin to where I wanted it to be, I knew I wanted to help others suffering the same fate. I realized that helping others achieve their skin goals was what I wanted to do, it gives me satisfaction, and  it’s what made me want to become an esthetician.

What has your career path looked like?

My career started off as a New York fashion designer working with a lot of different personalities and skin types. After I moved to a new state and was left to explore the next chapter of my life, I set out to open a beautiful upscale salon + spa.  After a few years into my business, I went through a very devastating divorce, that left me wondering what’s next. After picking up the pieces of my life, I settled on starting my own private practice and started working with other estheticians, massage therapist and other beauty professionals on helping to create successful marketing strategies for their businesses.   

What made you want to start Preston Luxe + who do you aim to help?

As a former African American salon + spa owner, I felt very lonely and isolated not having mentors in the industry that I could turn to for help. There were a lot of information out there about theory, but no one showing you how to do it (no step by step manual to follow). So after years of trial and error, and many a sleepless nights, I decided to create a simple system that would teach other beauty professionals how to start and grow their business  

What would your number one tip be to a gal just starting out in the beauty industry?

My number one tip for a gal just getting started in the beauty industry would be, find a mentor.Mentors through their vast experience and knowledge in the beauty industry can help guide other estheticians, massage therapist, and other beauty professionals through the maze of this crazy field. They can also help hold you accountable to ensure that you don’t lose focus on your career goals and objectives.  

What do you think the pros and cons are for working for a salon vs working for yourself?

The pros of working for a salon + spa is you don’t have to worry about overhead, bookings, payroll, marketing and employees. However the cons are you answer to a boss, your schedule is not flexible, and competition amongst your peers. When working for yourself you are the boss, your schedule is what you make it , you call ALL the shots. The disadvantage is that all aspects (marketing, social media, service, customers, inventory) become your responsibility.    

What’s your favorite career memory?

My favorite career memory was opening my very first salon + spa, and being recognized by the community for our outstanding services and products.  

If you could take only 3 beauty products with you on a deserted island, what would you bring?

The 3 beauty products I would take on a deserted island would be my tweezer for brow maintenance, red lipstick (how can you not be happy wearing red lipstick) + sun block (have to protect the skin from the sun).

Add anything else that you think Preston Luxe readers would just love to know?

We want Preston Luxe to be a community where salon + spa bosses can come together connect, empower and support each other. Our objective is to provide our beauty bosses with online education, tools and resources to create and help you grow a kickass business that aligns with your dreams and goals.