Whether you’re buying something for everyone you know or only those closest to you, it’s important to consider what those people are going to love and purchase those things within your budget. So that you can enjoy the holidays and not break the bank this year, we are giving you the inside scoop on how to treat the wonderful people in your life at the most reasonable prices we know! Whether it’s your girlfriend who loves a good beauty dupe or your book-loving sister, we have got you covered. Keep reading and learn how to give the gift of good (but reasonable) taste this year!

Beauty Dupe Kit

While every girl or guy has their favorite quality makeup lines, sometimes they just break the bank! What better way to treat them this holiday season with some of their favorite beauty dupe products? Think about what you see them rocking the most or ask them what some of their favorite products are. What color lipstick are they always wearing and what brand is it? Are they classically known to love anything from the Clinique counter? Here’s a few dupes that we are really in love with right now but always know that Pinterest is on your side when it comes to knowing the top makeup dupes! Pair a few different products into a cute coffee mug and they’re sure to love you forever!

Makeup Forever “Full Cover” Concealer $32 -> Maybelline “MASTER” Concealer $9

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation $43 -> NYX High Definition Foundation $18

Naked Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette $54 -> Beauty Brick L.A. Girls $8

Anastasia Dusty Rose Lip Gloss $20 -> Wet n’ Wild Rebel Rose Matte Lip Gloss $5

Office Decor

If you have a friend that’s working to grow her own business, has no taste in cute office decor, or has no time to think about things like that (because she’s so busy running a successful #biz), then trendy office decor will be your go-to gift for them! What better way to empower them to keep hustling for their dreams than provide them with cute stuff to look at on their desk? The best part about this type of gift? It’s so affordable if you want to provide multiple office pieces and so attainable. We highly recommend shopping online at Amazon, Wish, or hitting the value section at Target. They’re constantly restocking that section with cute and affordable office decor pieces (paper clips, sticky note pads, calendars, clipboards, folders, etc.) with nothing over $5.00. Put these things in a cute wicker bin and you’re also giving them some storage. We honestly couldn’t think of a better BFF move!

Your Favorite Books

If you’re a book queen chances are you probably know another one! If there’s a whole list of books that you and your fellow book lover have been wanting to try, or a series that you’ve been keeping up on together, think about treating them to the next big read! This is the perfect way to provide a personal gift that you’ll both be able to talk about far beyond the holiday season. We have a list below of our current favorites but comment with your favorites below! Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan, Body of Work by Pamela Slim  

Beverage Enthusiasm

While we all have way too many coffee mugs, everyone loves to have the next cutest one on their shelves! There’s always so many cute coffee mugs popping up in stores, especially around the holidays, leaving plenty of room for you to purchase them at a reasonable price. Since coffee mugs are such a hot commodity right now, don’t underestimate the coffee mug cuteness at places like Walmart, Walgreens, or Ross. If you have a person in mind that just isn’t a mug-lover, think about the cute things you could do with a set of quality wine glasses from Marshalls. You could even turn a set of those into a gift for more than one of your loved ones! Take a trip to those affordable-friendly stores and visit the drink ware isle. You’d be surprised as to what you could find for under $15.00!

Well friends, there you have it. Our ultimate affordable gift guide for the 2017 holiday season! We are really feeling the cheer now and we hope you are too, especially now that you know the holidays don’t have to rob you of all your riches. Keep things simple when thinking about who to shop for and what to get them. With just a little bit of thought and some strategic shopping, you’re sure to give them the ultimate gift of a well-thought out gesture!