10 years ago you could maybe get away with having a beauty business solely based on word-of-mouth referrals… in 2017? Not so much. It’s vital for beauty professionals to have a great online presence because it’s where many gain a majority of their clients, and how they maintain those relationships. But with Facebook, Instagram, a website + more to consider, where does a gal even start with refreshing their online presence?

We have tips to help make sure it’s in tip-top spectator shape.

  1. Keep It Consistent

Keeping things consistent across social media channels help you remain recognizable, which then helps potential and current clients see that you mean business online. But what does keeping things consistent mean exactly? Girlfriend has to make sure her profile + cover photos are the same on each channel, that graphics keep the same aesthetic, lingo is kept in congruence + that overall branding is #onpoint.

  1. Update Regularly

You don’t have to post every single day, but if you’re going to post twice a day for one week and then go completely off-the-grid the next, that’s not exactly good practice. Create a realistic posting schedule and then stick to it– if you find that it’s not practical to maintain, change it to every 3 weeks until you nail it down.

  1. Post The Goods

As your time in the beauty business grows, so will your scope of work. Make sure you’re updating the testimonial section of your website often + posting current before and afters of your work. The proof is in the pudding and potential clients want to see that your work is #goals before booking

  1. Maintain Your Newsletter

And start one if you don’t have an email list already! A newsletter is a fantastic way to remind clients that you’re around + also provide value in a way that’s 100% free to them. And when you provide free content that shows you know your stuff! People will become more eager to spend money on your service. It’s a win-win for everyone! If business is slow, don’t forget to offer the first 3 people to reply a special offer (manicure + pedicure for the price of one? A free deep conditioning treatment with an all-over color?) or attach a discount code they can redeem through a certain date.

  1. Delete Anything Crazy

By “crazy” we mean: Photos where you’re clearly intoxicated (ah, the college wonder years), swearing-up a storm in the caption, etc. Staying true to who you are on social is okay (in fact, it’s encouraged!) but it’s a good rule-of-thumb to keep anything you wouldn’t want your grandma seeing off of social.

What’s one thing you do to keep your online presence both approachable + professional?