Oh, boss babe. I have been there — oh, how I’ve been there!

You’re ready to uplevel your biz, really connect with your followers (I seriously adore connecting with you ladies!) and look as fab online as you do IRL.

But you’re busy. Like, client appointments back-to-back for 13 hours, have to make your kiddos dinner + still find time to pay that car payment busy.

The last thing on your mind? How to create a steady stream of content. You just know it has to happen + will be so excited when it does!

That’s why today I’m jumping into how you can create a content calendar your audience loves — a done-for-you tip guide so all you have to do is plug your words + go on your merry way.

Let’s begin.

5 Tips for Creating a Content Cal Your Audience Loves

Tip #1

Get clear on your visuals. Visuals are so important in the world of blogging + social media and it’s important to stay consistent! If you’re not at a point where you’re ready to hire a brand photographer, don’t sweat it! Numerous gorgeous styled stock photography sites exist including two of my faves: Stock That Rocks + Haute Stock.

Tip #2

Cross-Promote. It can be difficult to come up with unique content for every single platform and with just “sharing” to all mediums being a big “no-no”, what’s a girl to do? The answer is more simple than you’d think: Cross promote! When you do an incredible InstaLive your audience just has to see? Spread the word on Facebook + Twitter! When you write a blog you know is jam packed with useful goods? Promo on Facebook and Pinterest! Utilize what you have.

Tip #3

Know When Your Go-To Posting Time Is. Mainly for Instagram, know when your go-to posting time is for top engagement. After all, with the new Instagram algorithm, engagement is queen! You can find this easily by checking-in on your IG Analytics.

Tip #4

Use a Scheduling Tool. They make things so much easier, friends! Hootsuite is perfect for scheduling social posts + Planoly is my go-to bae for scheduling to Instagram. Another great thing about Planoly? It lets you see how your potential grid looks in advance!

Tip #5

Ask for What They Want. Struggling to devise content? Flat-out ask your people what they want — on social media, IRL, whatever works for you, babe! And if you’re in a pinch + can’t? Think about what your ideal customer is struggling with or wishing for…that’ll help you right out.

Tell me in the comments: What do you always keep in mind when building your content calendar? And if you’re still needing a little extra TLC for your daily marketing + editorial calendar, make sure to check this baby out — it’s a game changer.