If you’ve found yourself yearning to succeed in the new year, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post, babe! While thinking about all of the new goals and ideas is exciting, it can also be overwhelming and hard to envision. With a little break down on the top 5 things we’re doing to get prepared for our best 2018, we invite you to read along and learn how to stay sane and intentional with your wants and needs for the new year! Get excited, loves as things are about to get exciting as we talk about welcoming the new year with goals, trends, and a little organization for your beauty biz!



It’s how you start out every new year and now more than ever, recognizing and writing down your goals is the first step in achieving them! The only difference with goal-setting going into 2018? Think about what the big achievements look like. Is it a new set of salon chairs? A beauty brush revamp? Or is this the year you’ll open that dream salon you’ve alway wanted? No matter the size of your #goals, write them down, go at them with intention and vision, then begin taking those little steps toward achievement!


2. 2017 Review

Whether you establish your goals before or after you do some reflecting, a review of the past year is crucial for your beauty biz! This can tell you what to focus more or less on, bring your attention to something new, and help show you where to start when it comes to goal setting and improving your business tactics. We recommend sticking to a basic triangle when it comes to a review: finances, services, new implementations.

Make sure you go over your finances in a knowledgeable way (hire help if needed!) so that you’re aware of your spending & saving habits and so you can see what you can start to invest more of your time and money on. For example, maybe a portion of your inventory budget can go towards hiring someone new!

Next, take a look at your past services and analyze what did well and what did not. This helps determine what service people love and can also help you see what kind of attention your other services need. Finally, break out that mile-long list of ideas you keep on your desk (or in your phone notes)! There’s no time like the new year to start trying out those new & exciting ideas that time has stopped you from implementing into your biz. Set some time aside to go over that list and begin organizing a strategy to start putting it into action!


3. Team Development

If you’re at the point of needing help, then it is time that you start asking for it, friend. You deserve to not be drowning in work all on your own and find someone that helps you focus on the bigger picture/grow your beauty biz! If you’re just starting out, there is no shame in hiring an unpaid intern, so long as you educate them like crazy. They can help you manage those necessary-evil tasks such as social media management, booking, and assistant tasks. If you’re at the point where your salon is need of stylists, writing down and establishing what kind of stylists you want working there is a must! Starting your team development with a list of separate goals and requirements (experienced stylists, willing-to-learn interns, etc.) is the perfect way to building an overall dream-team!

4. Research New Trends

Trends are ever changing but also what make the beauty biz so great and open to so much creativity! Staying up to date on them can also be what makes or breaks the success and recognition of your biz. What would a hair salon be if they didn’t offer balayage treatments? The concept of microblading sparked it’s own little beauty-industry altogether! You never know how the next big thing will affect the beauty industry but you will want to know about it and potentially add it to your list of services. Stay up to date on things by subscribing to blogs like Preston Luxe and reading your latest beauty trend reports.

5. Strategy & Organization

When it’s all said and done, the goal writing, 2017 review, team development goals, and knowledge on the newest trends must be put into effect! Creating a calendar for both your business and your goals is what will keep things visual throughout the year and remind you of why 2018 is going to be the best year yet. A little strategy never hurt a beauty biz either! Once you create a calendared system, this gives a little method to your madness and will help you get on a consistent routine flow!

So how excited are you to get started?! We know 2018 couldn’t come fast enough here at Preston Luxe, as we have some seriously exciting things in store for you and all of our fellow beauty-preneurs! With a little bit of goal setting, teamwork, and organization, you’re sure to get your beauty biz on track and on its way to ultimate success.

Happy new year, everyone + share how you’re getting your beauty biz kicked off for 2018 in the comments below!