I’m all about Friday nights with the girls, but one thing I don’t always love? Getting ready!

Yep. Even salon and spa pros don’t always want to get dressed-to-the-nines every night. After a long day of work we want to go straight from our afternoon appointments to happy hour or date night — a glass of Cabernet stat, please!

These are 5 hairstyles that take us from the salon and beyond.

  1. The Messy Bun: Chic Enough to Look Cute. Easy Enough to Be Comfortable.

Credit: Glaminati Media

  1. Classic Pony: The Ribbon Makes It!

Credit: Elle Online

  1. Easy Curls

Credit: Pinterest // Please Contact for Credit.

  1. A Quick Knot: Casual + Classy

Credit: Luxy Hair

  1. A Simple Blowout

Credit: Alllick.com