Girl, I feel you. The Louboutins have never looked better, that newly-released Urban Decay palette looks Heaven sent and that Chanel bag you’ve been eyeing? Finally on sale and still not fitting into your ideal budget.

Luckily, satisfying your inner diva + and looking stylish doesn’t have to break the bank!

5 Essential Stylish Items for Women Who Slay Under $50

Check-out these 5 items every Preston Luxer needs (under $50!)


  1. A Facial Steamer

I love how luxurious a facial steamer makes our at-home facials feel + at a price point of under $40 we’re sold!


  1. Trench Coat

This Kenneth Cole trench coat is perfect for those cool Spring mornings + will never go out of style. Can I have two, please?


  1. Mini Crossbody Purse

This Anne Klein mini crossbody purse is so on-trend this season + is hundreds of dollars less than the ones I’ve seen on the runway lately.


  1. Printed Tunic Dress

This printed tunic dress is comfy enough to wear to work and trendy enough to wear on my next date night. Coming in two different colors, you have your options!


  1. Chanel: Collections and Creations

I love a good coffee table book. This one is $30 and full of incredible imagery celebrating the one + only Chanel empire. Need I say more?


What item would you add to the list?