Atmosphere makes such a difference in a client’s experience when working with you. Think about the last time you went in to your stylist’s chair — what did you love about your hour or two you spent in their space?

I know, for me, it’s all about leaving feeling rejuvenated, pampered and, let’s be real, like I just escaped the real world for a little bit.

Spa Experience Tips

Let’s dive into how to make your clients feel more at-home, and keep ‘em coming back for more.

1. Have Drinks On-Hand

Depending on licensing, I love when my salon and spa professionals have a glass of vino or champagne at-the-ready. It makes a simple appointment feel so luxe + like I don’t have to run to pick-up the kiddos from soccer practice right after.

Other options include herbal teas, lemon water or a pitcher of sparkling water, mint + orange. Yum!

2. Essential Oils

Making your space smell good can be a huge factor when curating a home-y feel for your tribe. I love mixing lemon, rosemary + eucalyptus! Simply put a few drops into a diffuser and you’re good to go for the day, boss babe.

3. Have Small Snacks Ready

I’ve been to spaces where they offer some mixed nuts, a few chocolates or some other sweet treats and it makes a big difference! Sure, it’s not a full meal, but it cures any long-appointment hunger I may have and makes me feel like they care about my overall well-being — a major plus in my book!


Tell me: What do you love about your favorite spa? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!